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About Army Men Strike

Military Men Strike is an MMORTS (greatly multiplayer online real-time approach) type of game, similar to the sort of Clash of Clans. In justness to Military Guys Strike, it is much from being just another re-skin of the famous game (CoC). Among the fantastic facet of this game is that its theme flawlessly fits the gameplay. Also if not every person did get a hold of these plastic toys in their youth, the referral is certainly not that tough for anyone to associate also. The designers are clever to pick such a simple motif, as it gives a best setting to provide gamers the really imaginative as well as imaginative world-- which at the very same time, effortlessly makes it fantastic war-themed game.

Army Men Strike Tips

Although fashionably late at the onset of similar games, having more than 10,000,000 downloads, proves that it still is one of the best out there in its genre. Additionally, this multitude of players equates to the thousands of attendants, or online competition that is surely available anywhere, anytime of the day. In the game, you'll be a Captain, leading an army of these green plastic soldiers housed inside your very own Headquarters. The different parts of the house (in the game) will basically become the make-shift multiple world setting where players get tossed in. Here, you'll perform your battles with rogue toys, chase the tan-colored evil army, and other players in the game world, or simply explore and scour for loots to expand the Resources at your disposal. Like many other MMORTS games, you get to grow your army according to your preference, as well as be given the chance to put up an effective defense layout and fortifications to your base from multiple variations and combinations of available units. Apart from these, you may also enlist special characters (called Officers in this game) that'll lead your army to victory similar to that of "Heroes" in other similar games. True to the spirit of strategy games, you'll have to literally strategize to win in this game. Building your roster of Officers, promoting them, as well as strategic deployment of your Troops in the Battlefield will heavily influence the outcome of every game. With an effective strategy, it is plausible to defeat an enemy troop much larger than yours. PLEASE NOTE: Army Men Strike is free to download and play, although some game Items are also offered to assist you in the game (in a very helpful manner of course) which are purchased for real money.